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How to Dye Your Hair at Home Illustration: dying your hair. (PHOTO: Aleksandr Kuzas/Shutterstock)

TIMESSRAGEN, JAKARTA – The pandemic issue has made several salon closed their business temporarily. But you need your hair dyed as soon as possible. Well dont worry, we have a way out for you i.e DIY dye your hair at home.

Taken from Glamour here are several tips and steps to dye your hair at home.

Step 1: Prepare your hair by skip washing it for a day before you dye it . This was to keep your hair moisturized. Also it will protect your skin from possible irritants in the dye.

Step 2: Divide your hair into four sections and roll each of them up like a bun and secure it with hair clip. Apply some petroleum jelly (vaseline) around the hair line so the dye would'nt stain on your skin.

If you wear jewellery (earrings necklace, bracelet, ring) it's the perfect time to remove them because you don't want the dye stain or damage them.

Step 3: Mix the developer and cream into bowl, wear the gloves to apply the dye. Some people would rather use a brush but you may use tour hand if you think you need it. Apply the hair dye on your hairline first from front to back.

After all the hairline done apply the hair dye on each section of your hair. Once each section finished, roll it up again just like before. Make sure you have reach every corner of your hair.

Release the hair and gently massage your scalp for 5 minutes. This will generate the heat and ensure that you will have a nice coverage.

Cover your head with hair cap for 20 minutes to help generate the heat more. If you don't have a hair cap you could use any plastic bag from the local supermarket.

Step 4: wash your hair at least three times till the water about to clear. And use conditioner to make your hair look shiny and amazing.

That's severel step you could follow to DIY dye your hair at home. Good luck!!!. (*)

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